Definition of unresponsiveness in English:



See unresponsive

  • ‘Until now, tests have only been carried out when parents have become concerned at their child's unresponsiveness - by which time the damage could already have been done’
  • ‘Then it happened, and our tepid prehistory was, quite literally, forgotten beyond a lingering embarrassment at my own callow unresponsiveness.’
  • ‘First, the excessive concentration of arbitrary powers, inclusive of the supervision of the police, in the hands of appointed sub-sovereigns with no local roots contributed to unresponsiveness and inertia.’
  • ‘If your child shows signs of dehydration (drowsiness, passing little urine, few or no wet nappies, a dry mouth and tongue, unresponsiveness, or glazed eyes) you should call your GP urgently.’
  • ‘While offering no apologies for the Mail's unresponsiveness, it does have to be accepted that reporting the exceptional rather than the commonplace is one of the elements of news journalism.’