Definition of unrested in English:



  • (of a person) not refreshed by rest.

    ‘she woke feeling unrested’
    • ‘While Matt's breathtaking radiance seemed positively brought to you by Mattel, Ben looked untucked, unshaved, unrested - in a word, post-apocalyptic.’
    • ‘Back in early March, I'd come home from work and fallen asleep, exhausted, at 7pm only to wake at 7am unrested and cranky.’
    • ‘We possess the best Armed Forces in the World but we will not do for long if many of them remain unrested, stressed and continuously away from their families and friends.’
    • ‘Arrive in New York some seven hours later, unrested, and having seen Shark Tale, but without the sound due to the poor headphone quality.’
    • ‘So, I think if you wake up feeling unrested, one thing to look at is why you may not be sleeping as restfully as you might.’
    • ‘In a fairer world, these impoverished workers might be offered early retirement, not an inducement to die unrested.’
    • ‘I had a nightmare last night, probably more than one as I know I woke up feeling totally unrested.’
    • ‘Swimming unrested, she won both events at the Europeans in Helsinki with national record times of 24.44 and 54.41, ranking her second in the world in the 50 (with the second fastest performance in history) and fourth in the 100.’
    • ‘Competing unrested against Hungary's top international swimmers, Dani won both the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke.’
    • ‘As a result, he or she wakes up feeling sore and unrested.’
    • ‘He sighed sadly, ‘I'm very sorry for sending you all out into the night unfed and, except for Gwaiden, unrested.’’
    • ‘Swimming unshaved and unrested, an unconcerned Hackett said this was the first time in the past two years he had not broken the 15-minute barrier.’
    • ‘I felt I held a good pace and swam a solid race, which was pleasing as I am in heavy training, unrested and unshaven.’
    • ‘After having had disturbing dreams about being hunted by the CIA for crimes committed with bookends, she awoke feeling unrested.’
    • ‘He also swam the fastest he has ever swum unrested this winter, going 1: 59s or better in almost every meet.’
    • ‘He awoke with first light, stumbled out, stiff and unrested, went to the creek, threw water over his face and head, drank some, and went back to his plane.’
    • ‘Yes the win in Riesa was pleasing as I was wearing a normal costume and was unrested, unshaved and untapered so that's always a confidence boost’
    • ‘I was unshaved, unrested and focused on our Olympic Trials in two months.’
    • ‘I would keep waking up, I couldn't sleep for more than an hour without snapping awake, just as unrested as I was before.’
    • ‘It was too late to find a room, so they stayed in the car, sleeping propped up in their seats and waking stiff and unrested.’