Definition of unresting in English:



  • Ceaselessly active.

    ‘the unresting movements of the heavens’
    • ‘The unresting movements of the heavens and the water correspond to the unceasing power of the hydraulic machine and, by extension, to the unceasing power of the emperor.’
    • ‘The legend of the Flying Dutchman is as old as Homer, who showed us Ulysses as an unresting traveler, yearning for home and domestic joys.’
    • ‘Outside the commercial attitude of payed services and web spaces, we happily welcome those who feel unresting towards cultural and media censorship, towards the globalized imagery they are preparing, packing and selling us every day.’
    • ‘Gary concludes his book by making these remarks: ‘The end of science does not mean the end of the unresting endeavour and continually progressing development of more and more comprehensive and useful physical theories.’’
    • ‘But the great-hearted Odysseus he found not within; for he sat weeping on the shore, racking his soul with tears and groans and griefs, and he would look over the unresting sea, shedding tears.’
    • ‘Ater rowing through an immense amount of floating debris, which impeded our progress at every moment, we arrived at the long black strip of earth, and found it crowded with thousands of people in a state of unresting activity.’



/ˌənˈrestiNG/ /ˌənˈrɛstɪŋ/