Definition of unrestored in English:



  • Not repaired or renovated.

    ‘an unrestored farmhouse’
    • ‘I don't know, maybe there are even still actual vintage unrestored stations out there somewhere.’
    • ‘The row of almshouses, once described by English Heritage as one of the most important unrestored buildings in the South West, was built in 1668 by benefactor Lady Margaret Hungerford, who lived at Corsham Court.’
    • ‘The 1932 Marendaz Special, which is in original, unrestored condition and still covered in dust, has been in the same family, whose identity is not being disclosed, since at least 1947.’
    • ‘With a friend, I had scaled the steep and as-yet unrestored face of the pyramid, then slept the night in the Castillo's temple.’
    • ‘I should also be interested to know what value of donation on my part would ensure that the church bells remain unrestored and forever silent.’
    • ‘Other works that Rubin shot while in Warhol's circle, called the ‘Up-Tight’ series, are in the Museum of Modern Art's Warhol film collection, but are unrestored and in a cold storage facility, where no one can see them.’
    • ‘The outside is being left unrestored until I can do more research as to what it looked like during different time periods and I decide how it should look.’
    • ‘The unrestored print from which the transfer was struck shows signs of significant deterioration in isolated shots, including thin vertical bands of faded color similar to the damage in Lawrence Of Arabia's famous mirage shot.’
    • ‘The film appears unrestored, as the source contains a fair amount of dirt in spots, and the image has a coarser patina of grain than desirable.’
    • ‘In 1950, it was retired and presented to the Lisbon Technical Institute who kept the plane as a training aid until 1965 when it went to the Museo do Ar where it was kept in unrestored condition.’
    • ‘The print is unrestored, and does show occasional grain (especially in those ubiquitous dissolve cuts) and damage, but nothing exceedingly distracting.’
    • ‘The mineral cabinet in the Stroganoff palace, still extant but unrestored, is generally credited to Voronikhin.’
    • ‘Although lucrative reconstruction contracts were awarded to American corporations weeks ago, order on city streets and countrywide water and electricity supplies remain unrestored.’
    • ‘Chinese heroes defended this pass, and there is an air of memorial about it, even though these days, the war-damaged, unrestored section of the Wall runs through fruit orchards and across a canyon creek.’
    • ‘Most older adults have had restorations, but, with the benefits of health education and fluoride, many younger people have unrestored teeth.’
    • ‘Prices start at about £26,000 for an unrestored two-bedroom cottage and £75,000 for a fully restored property.’
    • ‘Many of the photographs showed the artifacts in an unrestored state, some covered with dirt, indicating that they had been recently unearthed.’
    • ‘Structures get built or acquired, utility bills rise, collections grow, and unrestored rolling stock jams the yard.’
    • ‘The sound is acceptable for an unrestored film of this age.’
    • ‘While we are on the subject of unfortunate video decisions, the decision to leave the print unrestored is disappointing as well.’



/ˌənrəˈstôrd/ /ˌənrəˈstɔrd/