Definition of unrestrainedly in English:



See unrestrained

  • ‘But why did the mostly liberal crowd at last week's Washington premiere - people who like to think of themselves as thoughtful and fair-minded - applaud so unrestrainedly?’
  • ‘Ellis is unrestrainedly keen, because he isn't as ‘shockingly nervous’ as he says he was during last year's TV debut.’
  • ‘She squelched back to the car sobbing unrestrainedly, dried and changed out of her wet clothes wailing and cursing.’
  • ‘To those people and all the rest, I am about to wholeheartedly recommend a feature film that consists of one man sitting on a chair unrestrainedly making fun of his own wife and children.’
  • ‘Peggy also laughed, unrestrainedly, not being naturally inclined to think about anything seriously.’