Definition of unreversed in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənrəˈvərst/


  • (especially of a decision, etc.) not reversed.

    ‘the court's decision remains unreversed’
    • ‘an unreversed stereoscopic image’
    • ‘Attempts have been made to provide upright and unreversed imagery in fundus ophthalmoscopes.’
    • ‘Optical Gaging Products, Inc., Rochester, NY, provides a line of comparators that offers users fully corrected, erect, and unreversed images for both direct projection and surface illumination.’
    • ‘A substantial injustice would be done by leaving the decision unreversed.’
    • ‘Appellants also stood to have their action terminated if the district court's order went unreversed.’
    • ‘By looking through two mirrors, one sees an unreversed image.’