Definition of unrevoked in English:



  • Not revoked or annulled; still in force.

    ‘the consent given at marriage was still existing and unrevoked’
    • ‘To qualify, you must have an unrevoked CPA license, although you do not need to have an active CPA license.’
    • ‘Is there a way to get my username unrevoked, by chance?’
    • ‘This Consent and Release does not entitle any holder of the Notes to revoke any valid and unrevoked consent previously submitted by holders of the Notes.’
    • ‘It shall be unlawful for any person to labor at the plumbing trade in the capacity of a plumbing journeyman within the city without first having had issued to him a valid and unrevoked journeyman plumber’ s license by the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.’
    • ‘It is unlawful for any vendor to sell or offer for sale any goods or merchandise from any vehicle pursuant to this section unless such person shall possess an unexpired and unrevoked vendor's permit.’