Definition of unrewarded in English:



  • Not rewarded.

    ‘he gave untiring and unrewarded service’
    • ‘The importance of the voluntary sector to the community has never been clearer to me than now, as a result of that experience I recognise that these efforts go largely unrewarded and unrecorded."’
    • ‘So often great acts go unrecognised and unrewarded - so why not give our local heroes the recognition they deserve?’
    • ‘If you feel that great work by other people is going unrecognised and unrewarded, then make a noise about it.’
    • ‘Restaurants often add a service charge on to the tab, thereby avoiding the possibility that even the most indifferent service does not go unrewarded.’
    • ‘But their efforts went unrewarded until Volker Laubert, head of the action group Germany's Rights for Children, took their case to the International Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.’
    • ‘A fine all-round performance from Duffield's Lee Wild went unrewarded as opponents Drax clinched the runners-up spot in the first division of the HPH York Vale Cricket League.’
    • ‘But the experience he had garnered during those trips south, memorable weeks in which he shared digs with Mark Hughes, Norman Whiteside and Clayton Blackmore, went unrewarded.’
    • ‘County continued to dominate and could have added a third when good work by Shephard went unrewarded as Davis mishit his shot.’
    • ‘Indoors, the middle two generations attempt to use the emergency to their own advantage, counting on the girl's desperation to ensure they won't emerge from the scene unrewarded.’
    • ‘People will not, however, tolerate indefinitely shabby treatment meted out to right-minded citizens who work unrewarded in the interests of the community and its future.’
    • ‘Jackson has successfully realised the most monumental movie-making feat in recent memory, yet the scale of his achievement seems undervalued and unrewarded.’
    • ‘We trust that exertion and merit will not go unrewarded, by the admirers of genius, and the lovers of the drama.’
    • ‘And while such diligent pursuit of knowledge usually goes unremarked and unrewarded, next week the world's barmy boffins get their moment of glory.’
    • ‘When NHS dentists say they feel unrewarded, it's all relative.’
    • ‘Such vigilance and enthusiasm frequently goes unrewarded.’
    • ‘The opening 15 minutes saw wave after wave of attacks go unrewarded, although the pressure was undoubtedly mounting.’
    • ‘Sutton and Larsson worked prodigiously but were unrewarded.’
    • ‘Month after month our patience has gone unrewarded until the latest edition of the magazine, when we've managed to bag a whopper.’
    • ‘If it all works out, I'll see to it that your efforts don't go unrewarded.’
    • ‘Unflashy and hard-working, he does a lot of the unseen, unrewarded work that wins games.’
    unappreciated, unrecognized, unrewarded, unacknowledged