Definition of unriddle in English:



[with object]rare
  • Solve; explain.

    ‘a great secret could be embedded in these tales, so that a reader could unriddle it between the lines’
    • ‘There were regular interpreters in attendance, who made considerable sums out of the recipients by expounding and unriddling these oracles.’
    • ‘While the Crusaders had to unriddle the unfamiliar customs that kept women of the Middle East in seclusion, the women they left behind in charge of their estates revelled in an unaccustomed independence.’
    • ‘The audience, like the other characters, can sometimes unriddle these enigmatic utterances, sometimes not.’
    • ‘The scientist might search out answers, but the artist did not unriddle the world.’
    • ‘Even if the secret is there to be unriddled, it's scarcely likely to mean much to humanity.’