Definition of unrideable in English:


(also unridable)


  • Not able to be ridden.

    • ‘There are some very talented riders that specialise in problem horses and they can show you some wonderful success stories with horses that had been ‘written-off’ as unridable.’
    • ‘There is no point getting to the show and having the horse flip his lid and having them be unridable, and then trying to ask them to do something.’
    • ‘I loved the confidence with which I could let go of the brakes on tight, rocky singletrack descents; the bike always got me through everything, no matter how unrideable it looked on the approach.’
    • ‘As with their unsuccessful ZX7 in the World Superbike series, the ZXRR apparently produces plenty of power but is limited by a primitive chassis which makes the bike nearly unrideable.’
    • ‘I passed row after row of ice-ridden plush toys and display bicycles from 1992 or so, which by today's standards would have been considered unsafe and unrideable.’
    • ‘If you encounter stretches of unrideable trail on a regular basis, owning a bike that's comfortable to shoulder isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.’
    • ‘Conditions were heinous, the largely off-trail section proving unrideable due to dense forest, boggy peat, streams, briars, bushes and steep gradients.’
    • ‘We rode hard into the afternoon, navigating along logging roads until we found an unrideable trail that we hiked up with our bikes and came to a set of beautiful lakes.’
    • ‘Just suggesting a rider buy a different frame without knowing what to change may have a rider wind up with another unrideable frame.’
    • ‘The waves were thrilling to watch but bordered on unrideable at times as they feathered from way out on the second and third reefs.’
    • ‘This ride starts with a 2,100 foot climb, the majority of which is unrideable and thus defeats the whole purpose of mountain biking.’
    • ‘In the cycling version, competitors have to run the unrideable sections with their bike slung over their shoulder.’
    • ‘A true tsunami, spun up out of a sea-quake, is unpredictable and almost certainly unrideable.’
    • ‘Close out - when waves break all the way across a bay or normally safe channel rendering a surf spot unridable (because surfers can't paddle-out to the lineup.)’