Definition of unroadworthy in English:



  • (of a vehicle) not roadworthy.

    • ‘Traffic officers were checking buses for roadworthiness and ordering unroadworthy buses off the road.’
    • ‘He also conceded that unroadworthy vehicles and drunken driving were major contributors.’
    • ‘He stressed however, that people driving stolen or unroadworthy vehicles would not be allowed on the roads.’
    • ‘The joint venture by law enforcement agencies is concentrated on unroadworthy vehicles, drunken driving and reckless and negligent driving in an attempt to stem the road carnage.’
    • ‘Two people were charged with corruption, obstruction to justice and bribery regarding unroadworthy vehicles and tickets for traffic offences at Umtata.’
    • ‘The defect in the rear offside brake was obvious and should have alerted a trained mechanic that the vehicle was unroadworthy.’
    • ‘They fine us when our vehicles are unroadworthy, but this is caused by the bad roads.’
    • ‘One Irish crew, which took an 18-tonne truckload of material without paying, was caught at a checkpoint in an unroadworthy vehicle with no licence plates.’
    • ‘Besides the fact that the vehicle was obviously unroadworthy, the passenger was endangering himself and obstructing the view of the driver.’
    • ‘Nine state vehicles used without authority were confiscated, six firearms seized and four unroadworthy vehicles were taken off the road.’
    • ‘Police vehicle examiners found that the car was unroadworthy because of two massively over-inflated front tyres, but because the road was dry, the defects probably played only a small part in the accident.’
    • ‘Other infringements resulted in tickets for speeding, unlicensed vehicles and a yellow sticker for an unroadworthy car.’
    • ‘He admitted two counts of selling motor vehicles in an unroadworthy condition on October 31, when he appeared at Witham Magistrates' Court on Friday.’
    • ‘I didn't want to mention the squealing brakes in case he booked me for driving an unroadworthy car.’
    • ‘Many cars without tax or insurance often have no MOT, which in turn means the car is unroadworthy, the extension of which is they will cause accidents.’
    • ‘Local Traffic Department chiefs are investigating how an unroadworthy bus which had its licence suspended last week managed to obtained a replica licence disc.’
    • ‘Two of the bikes were so unroadworthy because of brake and tyre defects that their owners were issued with immediate prohibition notices.’
    • ‘Yesterday the traffic department and police confirmed that the taxi was unroadworthy and was not licensed.’
    • ‘Forecourt inspections were carried out at garages and officers found six unroadworthy cars for sale in Keighley.’
    • ‘They plan to keep unroadworthy vans at the roadside until repairs are carried out and to check drivers' hour-counting tachograph machines to make sure they are not being overworked.’