Definition of unromantically in English:



See unromantic

  • ‘Fish is cooked in ovens of hot stones, along with sweet potatoes wrapped in leaves, served with the leaves of an edible hibiscus, unromantically called ‘slippery cabbage’ and boiled with coconut milk.’
  • ‘It used to be only in America that cities were defined rather unromantically as ‘municipal corporations occupying a definite area’.’
  • ‘The threat posed by the unromantically named asteroid 2002 NT7 is an eerie echo of the plot of disaster movies such as Armageddon.’
  • ‘In the end, he came to my landlocked town of Nelson, British Columbia, and we fished for kokanee from the city wharf, sandwiched unromantically between the hotel and the airstrip.’
  • ‘The Rockpile, as Mount Washington is unromantically nicknamed, towers 6,288 feet above sea level.’