Definition of unroofed in English:



  • Not having a roof.

    ‘the unroofed upper terrace of the palace’
    • ‘All those people gathered in an unroofed stadium [is] not unlike what must have gone on in pagan sanctuaries.’
    • ‘Mr Drew, now living in a nearby farmhouse, had to take on other engineering jobs including telescope building to raise cash, while the unroofed observatory walls lay open to the elements.’
    • ‘An unroofed section of passage, also rare in these tombs, gives access to the chamber entrance.’
    • ‘The roofed and unroofed structures are covered with bands of finely carved stone sculptures.’
    • ‘The unroofed abandoned cottage reminds the visitors of the stark choice between survival and holding home and hearth.’
    • ‘Groundlings stood in the unroofed yard in the centre of the octagonal playhouse.’
    • ‘In the center of the homestead is an unroofed, fenced cattle pen, the sibaya, from which women are barred.’
    • ‘Although it has been lying unroofed for some time, its walls are still in good condition.’