Definition of unruliness in English:



See unruly

  • ‘The Red sailors and the Red Cossacks had the most fighting spirit, but this was devalued by their volatility, disobedience, and general unruliness.’
  • ‘A spokesman for City of York Council said: ‘We do not have a major problem with unruliness on buses in York, but we are not complacent and we are supporting this scheme to ensure good behaviour on buses is maintained.’’
  • ‘Extra security staff and police have been placed on duty at Edgbaston to supervise cricket's fiercest rivalry, their minds concentrated by the scenes of Antipodean unruliness witnessed at The Oval on Thursday.’
  • ‘Turning the thermostat up might have helped, and so might asking the barman not to continually chide two young boys whose unruliness was well within acceptable bounds.’
  • ‘He is confident that police have the weapons they need to stamp out unruliness, including youth referral schemes and anti-social behaviour orders.’