Definition of unsaddle in English:



[with object]
  • 1Remove the saddle from (a horse).

    • ‘Next, the horses are unsaddled and judged at halter in ranch conformation.’
    • ‘The drover got to work unhitching the oxen, and the horsemen unsaddled their horses and led them to the trees and hobbled them.’
    • ‘Jesse returned just as they were unsaddling the horses back at the ranch.’
    • ‘‘A pretty story,’ he said flippantly as he unsaddled his horse and threw saddle and bridle to the ground.’
    • ‘I trailed my brother as he unsaddled his horse and hung up the saddle and the tack in the stable.’
    • ‘Sullivan unsaddled their horses and dropped the saddles in front of the tent.’
    • ‘Inside stood a single man unsaddling his horse.’
    • ‘The blizzard hit while they were unsaddling the horses.’
    • ‘They reached the stables and each person either began unpacking or unsaddling their horse, and some both.’
    • ‘Tracey unsaddled his horse, all the while thinking.’
    • ‘I unsaddled the horse and tied it near lots of grass.’
    • ‘She stayed with Reese as he unsaddled the horse, she was surprised when he just slapped it on the rump and let it gallop off, wouldn't it run away?’
    • ‘Thankfully, no one had unsaddled their horses because a moment later, the officers came galloping back in haste.’
    • ‘The horses are unsaddled, the Winchesters taken from their scabbards for protection through the night.’
    • ‘She unsaddled the horse and tied it to a tree where it could graze.’
    • ‘The boy did not say a word as they unsaddled the horse in the barn.’
    • ‘A piece of lead weight from a saddle had been found dropped on the ground, so all the horses had to be unsaddled and the jockeys reweighed.’
    • ‘As she walked her horse into the stable I followed, she walked her horse in and unsaddled it and offered me a brush.’
    • ‘We got back to barn, unsaddled and groomed our horses, and then went upstairs to clean up and change clothes.’
    • ‘Dan patted his horse on the flank and unsaddled it, then took off its bridle.’
    1. 1.1Dislodge (a rider) from a saddle.
      • ‘His balance was thrown off, but he was not unsaddled until the horse went about twenty feet more.’
      • ‘Emily became unsaddled as her pony made its way from rock ledge to rock ledge.’
      • ‘The first knight to charge unsaddled him.’