Definition of unsafe in English:



  • 1Not safe; dangerous.

    ‘drinking water in some areas may be unsafe’
    • ‘I'm not saying this product is safe or unsafe, but I don't think it's life-threatening.’
    • ‘For a time, the fire was so dangerous, it was unsafe for firefighters to even be up here.’
    • ‘They will end up on the road fatality lists, victims of poor and dangerous roads and unsafe driving.’
    • ‘Their belief is people themselves have the right to choose what is safe and unsafe.’
    • ‘People are viewed as free agents capable of choosing between safe and unsafe modes of behaviour.’
    • ‘I would think that you know better than anybody else how safe or unsafe the cars are.’
    • ‘But even when he and other GPs believe an elderly driver is unsafe, he has no powers to ban them from the road.’
    • ‘Borders are set up to define the places that are safe and unsafe, to distinguish us from them.’
    • ‘As of now our roads are equally unsafe for vehicle drivers and pedestrians.’
    • ‘A second group used steroids because they felt unsafe or threatened and wanted to become stronger.’
    • ‘I have friends of all ages who avoid visiting the town at night because they feel threatened and unsafe.’
    • ‘If the vehicle has been left in a dangerous position or it is considered to be unsafe then the police have powers to remove it straight away.’
    • ‘He learned that conditions were treacherous and it was unsafe to go to the cliff edge.’
    • ‘Five houses have been declared unsafe and people living there have been shifted to safer places.’
    • ‘It meant safe abortions, rather than the unsafe ones women would attempt anyway.’
    • ‘The service, which treats about 800 patients, has been told its existing premises are unsafe.’
    • ‘If the bonfire is deemed unsafe the police or fire service will report it to Bradford Council which will arrange for it to be removed.’
    • ‘But they were quickly forced to withdraw as the heat built up and the fire chiefs declared the building unsafe.’
    • ‘Only the ground floor has remained in use after the first floor was deemed structurally unsafe in the 1950s.’
    • ‘However plans to switch it to Witton Park in Blackburn had to be dropped because the park is waterlogged and would be unsafe.’
    dangerous, risky, perilous, hazardous, precarious, life-threatening, high-risk, treacherous, insecure, unsound, vulnerable, exposed, defenceless
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  • 2Law
    (of a verdict or conviction) not based on reliable evidence and likely to constitute a miscarriage of justice.

    ‘because the confession was unreliable the verdict was unsafe and unsatisfactory’
    • ‘But the question of whether the appellants' convictions were unsafe is a matter of English law.’
    • ‘On this appeal four grounds are relied upon in support of the submission that the appellant's conviction is unsafe.’
    • ‘The prosecution accept that if the trial was unfair the convictions were unsafe and should be quashed.’
    • ‘For those reasons, we consider that the conviction was unsafe in the case of both appellants.’
    • ‘I hope these are grounds in law to show that the verdict was unsafe.’