Definition of unsafely in English:



See unsafe

  • ‘A retired paramedic today claimed that ‘unrealistic’ Government targets were forcing ambulance crews to drive unsafely so they get to 999 callouts within the expected time limit.’
  • ‘These modifications allowed these children to operate their vehicles unsafely so that they could participate in drag racing events on major highways during off-hours.’
  • ‘The article goes on to say that young people are using the structure of the bridge unsafely.’
  • ‘Discarded US computers built with toxic materials are being exported and unsafely disposed of in countries such as China and India, according to a report released on February 25 by watchdog groups.’
  • ‘Medically supervised injecting centres can help resolve this paradox and improve public health by minimising the risk of drug users injecting unsafely in public places.’