Definition of unsalaried in English:



  • Not being paid or involving the payment of a salary.

    ‘an unsalaried post’
    • ‘Instead, she was made minister for women, but it was an unsalaried post, and she spent much of her time defending the fact that a government that talked so much about women and equal pay wouldn't pay its own woman to do a job.’
    • ‘Since their inception, Camphill communities in Britain, North America, South Africa and a number of other countries have maintained the principle that all resident co-workers, whether long or short-term, are unsalaried volunteers.’
    • ‘Bradford Centre Regeneration has taken the unusual step of advertising the unsalaried position in today's Yorkshire Post to attract new candidates.’
    • ‘To stretch a manufacturing analogy, unsalaried bloggers represent low-cost Chinese laborers, professional journalists the well-paid-with-benefits American workers.’
    • ‘As a result, Iraq's 240 hospitals are running despite severe shortages of medicines and other supplies and staff are being paid after going unsalaried for months leading to the 2003 war.’
    • ‘Ku was part of the unsalaried freelance labor force not included on Mattel's 8,000-employee payroll in Taishan.’
    • ‘Theodore deprived his new appointees of any financial incentive to renege by ensuring that Council membership remained unsalaried.’
    • ‘If you're working as an unsalaried intern, don't be afraid to ask for expenses.’
    • ‘It recommended historic change: a single County Executive to replace the three commissioners, an unsalaried County Council representing every part of the County,’
    • ‘An example of surplus labor is unsalaried housework.’
    • ‘His new position was unsalaried, but he was able to support himself and his family with a stipend from the Carl Zeiss Stiftung, a foundation that gave money to the University of Jena, and with which Ernst Abbe was intimately involved.’
    • ‘It is proposed initially that staff are limited to directors of the company acting in a part-time and unsalaried capacity.’
    • ‘On his discharge from the army in 1918 he had become an unsalaried lecturer at Freiburg and an assistant to Husserl, who had become professor at the University in 1916.’
    • ‘Not only did many monks die, but the ensuing shortage of labour deprived the monasteries of their unsalaried work-force, the lay brothers.’
    • ‘It was unsalaried, and he and his family subsisted on their savings.’
    • ‘Most workers of the urban lower class are self-employed and unsalaried workers in small business ventures.’
    • ‘Yet priests and rabbis were unsalaried at this time, and most today would not criticize some advantage drawn from a life's work.’
    free, gratis, complimentary, voluntary, volunteer, unpaid, unrewarded, unsalaried, free of charge, without charge, for nothing, at no cost, without payment