Definition of unsaturated in English:



  • 1Chemistry
    (of organic molecules) having carbon–carbon double or triple bonds and therefore not containing the greatest possible number of hydrogen atoms.

    • ‘In common with all unsaturated hydrocarbons hydrogen can be added across the double bond to produce ethane.’
    • ‘Thus conjugation can occur in molecules in which the unsaturated sites are close in space but are separated by more than a single covalent bond.’
    • ‘The unsaturated benzene ring readily reacts with halogens, rapidly discoloring bromine water.’
    • ‘These unsaturated hydrocarbons are readily oxidised and polymerised, which can reduce the oil's shelf life.’
    • ‘When unsaturated organic compounds are used as the starting point the alcohol is made by the addition of water to the double or triple bond.’
    1. 1.1Denoting fats containing a high proportion of fatty acid molecules with at least one double bond, considered to be healthier in the diet than saturated fats.
      • ‘The vitamin E requirement has long been known to increase with increased intakes of unsaturated fats.’
      • ‘Most of the fat in peanuts is unsaturated which has been shown to lower one's LDL-cholesterol levels.’
      • ‘There are two basic kinds of fat: saturated and unsaturated.’
      • ‘True, pistachios are fatty, but most of the fat is of the desirable unsaturated kind.’
      • ‘The fat is mainly unsaturated, so potentially healthful, although all fats are equally high in calories (nine calories per gram).’