Definition of unsaturation in English:




See unsaturated

  • ‘The color of a dye is due to its ability to absorb light in the visible region of the spectrum, an ability enhanced by unsaturation (presence of double bonds in the molecule) and resonance.’
  • ‘The current work shows that lipid asymmetry and unsaturation both result in high critical pressures in monolayers.’
  • ‘Qualitative changes in the levels of fatty acids also occur with cold acclimation, leading to unsaturation of the fatty acids and subsequent protection of plant membranes against freezing stress.’
  • ‘The degree of unsaturation of fatty acids has been shown to influence several of these steps, at least in mammals.’
  • ‘The lipids in poultry exhibit a higher degree of unsaturation than red meats due to a relatively high content of phospholipids.’