Definition of unscalable in English:



  • Not able to be scaled or climbed.

    ‘a prison with unscalable walls’
    • ‘Only when we have overcome the barrier of racism, mistrust and intolerance that has gradually grown into a wall that seems so unscalable, can we even begin to progress beyond the point at which we are now.’
    • ‘There never seems to be any difficulty in stretching the laws and the constitution to fit any kind of a political deal, but when it is proposed to make some concession to women they loom up like an unscalable wall.’
    • ‘The walls are unscalable, the window locks nonexistent.’
    • ‘It rends people from their own families; it builds an invisible but unscalable wall between them and the people they love and need.’
    • ‘Second, quantum theory had become the bizarre world of quantum mechanics in which causality collapses and classical physics finds itself confronted with unscaleable barriers.’
    • ‘Like those of the tower, its walls were smooth and absolutely unscalable.’
    • ‘Cold, aching, and exhausted I swam in past the unscalable hulls of the ships toward the stone wall of the quay.’
    • ‘In an early big scene in that novel, Sir Arthur Wardour and his daughter Isabella are trapped between the onrushing tide and unscaleable cliffs.’
    • ‘Within the safety of his bathroom, then, Truman imagines himself at the mercy of nature classically figured as an unscalable mountain - to Kant, ‘bold, overhanging, and, as it were, threatening rocks’.’
    • ‘It's just that there is a very large mountain in the way, with nearly impassable bamboo thickets on its lower flanks and nearly unscalable granite faces on its higher reaches.’
    • ‘Anthak lost track of the time as he watched, until with a start he noticed that he could see the top of what had been an unscalable crag only this morning.’
    • ‘To me, he and Ezekiel were like twin unscalable peaks, shining in the distance.’



/ˌənˈskāləb(ə)l/ /ˌənˈskeɪləb(ə)l/