Definition of unscarred in English:



  • Not scarred or damaged.

    ‘he did not escape unscarred’
    • ‘Most of Baghdad - overwhelmingly - is unscarred physically by the war.’
    • ‘For as far as the eye can see (several football fields), not a single home that was left unscarred or intact.’
    • ‘America, unscarred by war, became the world's grocery store.’
    • ‘It's Harry, unscarred and unhurt, his eyes shining as brightly as the stars he has made.’
    • ‘It may be these catastrophic ruptures in unscarred uteri that cause the misguided fear of cesarean scars rupturing.’
    • ‘New renal scars do not develop after age four in unscarred kidneys.’
    • ‘The mules have the additional benefit of offering a green solution, leaving the landscape unscarred by gouging truck tyres or the ropeways that are used to transport construction material.’
    • ‘Unlike some other areas of Africa, like Senegal, which have been inundated with aid workers and tourists, Mali remains comparatively unscarred by foreign intrusion.’
    • ‘There's a growing upper class which can afford to be decadent, at the same time that the vast underclass would desperately like to possess something new, unscarred.’
    • ‘He may have lived through what he has described as an ‘age of extremes’ but he has emerged, aged 85, largely unscathed and unscarred.’
    • ‘The city retains its heritage, culture, architecture and environment and the people seem to be relatively unscarred as well.’
    • ‘The Arctic is a land of incredible and unscarred beauty which deserves to be preserved.’
    • ‘While more successful now than ever, he has not been left unscarred by his earlier excess.’
    • ‘He eloquently argues throughout his short hook that no one who is caught up in war ever emerges unscathed or unscarred.’
    • ‘By 1999, nearly a third of the population was dead - more than 200,000 people - and no family was left unscarred.’
    • ‘The surface of the skin was smooth and unscarred.’
    • ‘Tattoos adorned her arms and the unscarred side of her face.’
    • ‘He was unscarred, which either meant that he was lucky, or hadn't been fighting for long.’
    • ‘I managed to take the bandage off, and stared for a few seconds at the unscarred skin.’
    • ‘The man had been beaten thoroughly and not an inch of his body was left unscarred.’
    unharmed, unhurt, uninjured, undamaged, in one piece, intact, safe, safe and sound, unmarked, untouched, unscarred, unscratched, secure, well, as new, as good as new



/ˌənˈskärd/ /ˌənˈskɑrd/