Definition of unscrambler in English:



See unscramble

  • ‘Drinkable bottles are sent to the filler through an unscrambler, blown by air to conveyor belts connected to the fillers.’
  • ‘A still further object is to provide an automatic bottle unscrambler that is economical in cost to manufacture.’
  • ‘Our unscramblers are universally-suited for all packaging industries and are able to handle a wide variety of container shapes.’
  • ‘The unscramblers can handle containers ranging from 16-to 164-oz, at speeds from 150 to 600 containers/min, depending on container size and model configuration.’
  • ‘These helium speech unscramblers attempt to process variously the grossly unintelligible speech resulting from the effects of helium-oxygen breathing mixtures and ambient pressure, and to reconstruct such signals in order to provide adequate voice communication.’