Definition of unscratched in English:



  • Not having been scratched, damaged, or harmed.

    ‘the pewter pendant remained unscratched’
    ‘he managed to survive a devastating train wreck unscratched’
    • ‘They flipped over twice, landing right side up in a ditch, miraculously unscratched - on the surface, at least.’
    • ‘They rescanned the surface in both scratched and unscratched areas.’
    • ‘A generation earlier, four uncles had gone to fight for the British Empire and also came home unscratched.’
    • ‘I've gone to extraordinary lengths over the last 14 months to try to keep my phone unscratched, unscuffed and undamaged.’
    • ‘These fossilized inclusions are preserved magnificently, quite unscratched.’
    • ‘The castle stands pristine, unscratched.’
    • ‘Gently shake before you purchase to tell if you're getting an unscratched copy.’
    • ‘Are your installation CDs unscratched?’
    • ‘I think it's amazing that I got out unscratched but it's hard to feel fortunate when you're surrounded by all that sorrow.’