Definition of unsearched in English:



  • Not searched or examined.

    ‘more than half of the grounds were still unsearched’
    • ‘It seemed odd that they would want my picture when I had gone to all the trouble of turning up in person, but once I had produced it I was allowed to carry my unsearched bags straight on to the express.’
    • ‘I, for one, will always choose my auto for traveling the country rather than flying simply because I appreciate my American right to come and go at will unsearched.’
    • ‘From here back, I'd estimate 100 to 150 homes that are still unsearched.’
    • ‘No women soldiers were operating the checkpoint that day, so she was able to pass through unsearched.’
    • ‘I believe this is the last part of the manor that lays unsearched, is it not?’
    • ‘There are a thousand rocks unturned and millions of haystacks unsearched.’