Definition of unseasonal in English:


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  • (especially of weather) unusual or inappropriate for the time of year.

    ‘unseasonal heavy rains have brought a great influx of snakes’
    • ‘Despite the unseasonal weather, many female punters refused to let it rain on their fashion parade and donned designer hats, dresses and suits more appropriate for a summer's day.’
    • ‘Data should be analyzed for a two- or a three-year period to help minimize the impact of unusual circumstances, such as unseasonal weather or special occupancy patterns.’
    • ‘The stormy weather of the last few weeks has prevented angling boats from venturing out, and many visiting anglers have been frustrated by the unseasonal weather.’
    • ‘Mid Summer has passed once again, but this time, due to most unseasonal weather, there was no traditional bonfire.’
    • ‘The dark clouds were gathering ominously over Huntington Stadium last night - and it wasn't just down to the unseasonal weather.’
    • ‘Eight matches were lost due to the referee problem and two because of unseasonal weather, getting the season off to a dismal and difficult start.’
    • ‘Sectors such as farming and tourism have been particularly badly hit by the past couple of months of unseasonal weather.’
    • ‘The unseasonal weather left drivers trapped in cars, property damaged and journeys for thousands of people delayed for hours.’
    • ‘Back in my chalet I was relaxed and cautiously wondering if I'd escaped the unseasonal weather.’
    • ‘Adverse weather put paid to a good few days fishing when boats were forced back to port with some very unseasonal weather conditions in the first part of the month.’
    • ‘A series of unseasonal downpours has resulted in 200 mm of rain falling on miserable Madrid in the last three months, compared with only 137 mm at Old Trafford.’
    • ‘The fate of some residents of Shettleston and other parts of the east end of Glasgow, whose homes and possessions have been severely affected by the unseasonal rain and subsequent flooding, evokes strong feelings of sympathy.’
    • ‘In the North, unseasonal downpours hit Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, while flooding in Dorset and Cornwall led to road closures.’
    • ‘The company attributes the failures to root rot due to unseasonal rain.’
    • ‘Thousands of homes and businesses suffered severe power cuts as unseasonal storms struck the region.’
    • ‘It turned cloudy and a very unseasonal drizzle came, turning a sunny morning into a cold one.’
    • ‘The weather report was decidedly unseasonal at the George R. Brown Convention Center Saturday night - intermittent snow flurries and calving icebergs.’
    • ‘There is no shortage of choice and recent mild weather has seen mid-week anglers enjoying an unseasonal bounty of carp and tench.’
    • ‘When Richmond's Christmas lights are switched on tomorrow night, they will include the now-traditional, if unseasonal, Christmas parrot.’
    • ‘Finally, top up decorative mulches, as they will help to suppress unseasonal weed growth and provide insulation for tender bulbs and plant crowns against hard frosts.’



/ˌənˈsēzən(ə)l/ /ˌənˈsizən(ə)l/