Definition of unsecure in English:



  • 1(especially of a computer system) not protected against attack or other criminal activity.

    ‘an unsecure WiFi network’
    • ‘Networks can be unsecure, laptops are easily stolen, personal data can be exposed by accident.’
    • ‘Due to the openness and unsecure nature of the Net, users often have to rely on firewalls to protect their connections.’
    • ‘The more unsecure the average computer on the Internet is, the more unsecure your computer is.’
    • ‘CIA security officers discovered that the former director of Central Intelligence had kept classified files on his unsecure home computer.’
    • ‘As you leave this page a message will appear about being transferred to an unsecure site.’
    • ‘If my fingerprint is used to unlock my medical records and read my electronic mail, then it's not hard to imagine some very unsecure situations arising.’
    • ‘Email is as unsecure as talking on a public message board and anything that's that important should travel through other means.’
    • ‘He quickly locked them back, but a computer malfunction left one door unsecure.’
    • ‘In other areas, it will require new locks and key pass entries to unsecure offices.’
    • ‘Every unsecure network I have ever seen was run in a loose, slipshod way.’
    • ‘Also it is important to have any critical connections done over VPN, and not to use unsecure connections for any service that requires user name and password.’
    • ‘Equipped with this software and a suitable Bluetooth antenna, it is possible to connect to cars that have an unsecure Bluetooth hands-free unit.’
  • 2(of a loan) unsecured.

    ‘it's easy to outspend your means, with credit cards and unsecure loans readily available’
    • ‘But sometimes, you have to sign an unsecure loan for the amount.’
    • ‘Construction and land development loans include both unsecure loans and loans secured by real estate.’
    • ‘So far the bank has made about E2 billion worth of unsecure loans to more than 80 borrowers.’
    • ‘If you have disposable income after these debts are paid, you must show in the plan how you will pay down unsecure debts.’
    • ‘The investment company have introduced an unsecure loan facility arranged in conjunction with a national bank.’



/ˌənsəˈkyo͝o(ə)r/ /ˌənsəˈkjʊ(ə)r/