Definition of unseeable in English:



  • Not able to be seen; invisible.

    ‘she gazed out over the trees, as if at some distant, unseeable vista’
    • ‘If the mystic text is an experiment in saying the unsayable, then the mystical image - something far more widespread than once thought - emerges as a fascinating attempt to see the unseeable.’
    • ‘I didn't like that the prices for the yarn are on totally unseeable places, I couldn't find the price for most of the yarns that I was looking at and had to actually ask twice.’
    • ‘To keep the movement unseeable by the enemy: the action with the blade will have to follow precise lines of movement (going and coming back), starting from a guard position and arriving in another guard.’
    • ‘As institutionalized censorship defines real experience by what it disallows, we assume the unseeable must be more real that our own perceptions, holding secret truths known only to higher powers.’
    • ‘There she kneeled, from high noon till sunset, until her family found her, still crying, her heart still bleeding from a wound that would leave an unseeable and unremoveable scar in her life.’
    • ‘Forever the footprints, barely recognizable from the severe weather conditions, followed their unseeable path and never once changed direction.’
    • ‘A guard tower would be at the center, with prison cells built in a circle around it so that an unseeable guard at the center could always see the prisoners' silhouettes.’
    • ‘Concentrate on being like glass, clear and unseeable.’
    • ‘Surrounding their low tents were iron sculptures, gathered in odd shapes, commemorating unseeable events.’
    • ‘He was basing his moves on an unseeable matrix we can't comprehend.’
    • ‘Jake was busily slicing the air with his daggers at unseeable speeds.’
    • ‘The rest of both of their clothes were unseeable underneath all the mud.’
    • ‘Carol began to spin around, her javelin spinning with her, making her almost unseeable in the light.’
    • ‘The three shielded their eyes to try and get a better look at whoever was keeping their identity unseeable.’
    • ‘In a desperate attempt, Jake threw a single dagger with unseeable speed into the barrel.’
    • ‘The window slowly rose up covering her smile until the whole face was unseeable from outside.’
    • ‘The six warriors also felt it and were smashed into the ground, pinned by the unseeable force.’
    • ‘They were ignored in favor of something unseeable that had captured the remnants of his mind.’
    • ‘His hair was unseeable due to the fact he had a tall triangular cap on his head that stood a good foot tall.’
    • ‘He could hear something cut into the air and rolled out of the way as an unseeable dagger flew by.’
    not visible, unseeable



/ˌənˈsēəb(ə)l/ /ˌənˈsiəb(ə)l/