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  • 1Not seen or noticed.

    ‘it seemed she might escape unseen’
    • ‘Derelict London is a strangely beautiful gallery of the obscure and unseen places in the great capital - one of the most original and talked about sites of 2004.’
    • ‘And there was all that talk of war, war against an invisible enemy, an unseen speck on a parched landscape.’
    • ‘Fresh blood covered the face from unseen wounds.’
    • ‘Several times, I tripped from an unseen root that was covered by white snow, but I quickly got up and continued on running.’
    • ‘She was used to being unseen and unnoticed, not to people jumping around her as if she was royalty.’
    • ‘They're plain and do nothing for my eyesight but whilst often unseen, it's small details that people can notice and it's all working to a disguise.’
    • ‘He noticed me standing in the dark, practically unseen.’
    • ‘One man visiting the Bodie cemetery with his little girl noticed her giggling and apparently playing with an unseen entity.’
    • ‘Mathematics tends to be invisible, unseen, yet we build our lives and our technology upon it.’
    • ‘From those obscured depths, the bubbled exhalations from unseen divers stream up from portholes, heading past us for the sun.’
    • ‘They are an unseen workforce, and their efforts probably go largely unnoticed by most people who enjoy a stroll in Manchester parks.’
    • ‘Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.’
    • ‘The drama of small town life is mimed from start to finish: characters knock on unseen doors, and hide behind invisible walls.’
    • ‘Everyone jumped in their seats as the veil was violently cast across the table by an unseen hand.’
    • ‘She came to the center of the stage, saluted the unseen audience with folded hands, and began with gestures to describe a river, flowing from above her right shoulder to below her left hip.’
    • ‘Marines were fanning out in all directions, firing their weapons at unseen enemy troops that retreated from building to building as the troops advanced.’
    • ‘The inquiry into the soaring cost of the Scottish parliament seemed almost certain last night to request hundreds of hours of unseen video footage documenting the controversial project.’
    • ‘Finally, though, there's a special edition DVD coming out for the fans, with documentaries, unseen footage, and an alternate ending.’
    • ‘Instead, a massive and often unseen effort is going on to tackle the root causes of the problem behaviour and combat the disruption caused for teachers and well-behaved youngsters.’
    • ‘No matter where they are, they maintain a running conversation with their unseen audience, which can be as big as 20,000 visitors on a good day.’
    hidden, concealed, obscured, camouflaged, unrevealed, out of sight, invisible, not visible, imperceptible, undetectable, unnoticeable, unnoticed, unobserved, covered, masked, shrouded, veiled
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    1. 1.1Not foreseen or predicted.
      ‘unseen problems’
      • ‘All financial institutions offer payment protection on loans to cover any unseen loss in earning power.’
      • ‘Prices reflect what must be charged to cover the unseen costs of safety precautions.’
      • ‘Still, any unseen problems with the exterior of the home can be covered by a contingency clause at sale.’
      • ‘He claimed increasing bureaucracy, such as inflexible laws governing working hours, could have as-yet unseen consequences for business and investment.’
      • ‘But, following Finer's law of unexpected consequence, the site seems to be constructing its own narrative, with its own unseen implications.’
    2. 1.2mainly British (of a passage for translation in a test or examination) not previously read or prepared.
      ‘This paper will contain two seen and two unseen passages of classical Persian prose for translation into English.’
      • ‘There will also be an unseen passage of Latin verse to be translated.’
      • ‘The examination will consist of both seen and unseen passages of both prose and poetry.’



/ˌənˈsēn/ /ˌənˈsin/