Definition of unsegregated in English:



  • Not segregated or set apart from the rest or from others.

    ‘unsegregated schools’
    ‘unsegregated soccer fans’
    • ‘The Social Change and Economic Life Initiative, for instance, found that men were twice as likely as women to work in highly segregated jobs and half as likely to work in unsegregated jobs.’
    • ‘The cells showed defects in chromosome segregation leading to the cutting of unsegregated chromosomes by the division septum.’
    • ‘Recent reforms have streamlined Scouting once again, bringing Network activities into line with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and with a more sophisticated and unsegregated constituency.’
    • ‘In court, Mississippi argued that it had fulfilled its duty to establish an unsegregated system by implementing and maintaining nondiscriminatory policies and practices in student admissions and faculty hiring.’
    • ‘However it was soon quickly apparent to everyone that the whole operation, involving the transport of unsegregated waste in uncovered trucks, was medieval.’
    • ‘Arrowheads mark those cells with unsegregated chromosomes.’
    • ‘On the first day of trading, GE-free soybeans outsold unsegregated soybeans three to one.’
    • ‘This is a modern, unsegregated south that we are unaccustomed to seeing.’
    desegregated, non-segregated, unsegregated, racially mixed, racially balanced