Definition of unselfishly in English:



See unselfish

  • ‘The bottom line is that while there are good people out there working hard and unselfishly for charitable causes, there are also some cowboys.’
  • ‘His acknowledged understanding of the dairy sector at all levels coupled with his sense of fairness and his willingness to give unselfishly of his time to this role made him an ideal chairman throughout his period of office.’
  • ‘Anna's hospitality and generosity was extended to all those who entered her home and her children and grandchildren stand up and call her blessed because she devoted her life to caring for them unselfishly.’
  • ‘Appreciation has also to be expressed to the 28 Co. Carlow managers who unselfishly gave their time and dedication to the care of the children all over the weekend.’
  • ‘I must admit that I'm generally a cynic; I was skeptical as to the truth behind these men and women devoting their lives unselfishly and with no hope of reward.’