Definition of unseparated in English:



  • Not separated or divided.

    ‘unseparated mixtures of gases’
    • ‘It would thus amount to re-use of a waste material, which lies higher up the waste hierarchy than the disposal of unseparated waste by landfill as practised locally at exhausted mineral workings.’
    • ‘Both cause a defect in cell separation that can be seen microscopically as large clusters of unseparated cells.’
    • ‘During conventional electrophoresis, molecules larger than 50 kb have essentially the same motility and remain unseparated.’
    • ‘It seems that the foot-and-mouth outbreak in England has been traced to cheap, unseparated (ie meat mixed with vegetables and roots) swill.’
    • ‘Mind and body, outside and inside, substance and phenomena: these pairs are neither dualistic nor opposed, but form one unseparated whole.’
    • ‘James then turned the envelope over to the back and started unsealing the last bit of the unseparated paper.’



/ˌənˈsepəˌrādəd/ /ˌənˈsɛpəˌreɪdəd/