Definition of unserviceable in English:


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  • Not in working order or fulfilling its function adequately; unfit for use.

    ‘the crew decided the aircraft was unserviceable’
    • ‘There was a 40 per cent shortfall in nerve agent detector units, while the MoD's entire stock of 4,000 vapour detection kits, used by troops when they unmask after a suspected chemical attack, was discovered to be unserviceable.’
    • ‘‘I want to make sure other soldiers are not exposed to the same risk and ensure that no British service personnel fly in unserviceable aircraft anywhere in the world,’ he said.’
    • ‘Smoking was initially restricted to the bar area of the clubhouse after an unserviceable extractor fan was removed during a £26,000 refurbishment earlier in the year.’
    • ‘Not only was the boiler unserviceable, but the pipes and radiators were severely corroded and would not last another winter.’
    • ‘While some people were busy fighting and dying, war profiteers made fortunes selling rotten food, unserviceable uniforms and non-working weapons.’
    • ‘Gilmer's 1884 report to the governor mentioned ‘old, rusty, and unserviceable arms’ that ‘should be disposed of to the best advantage.’’
    • ‘The corps is also responsible for the disposal of service ammunition that is unserviceable (depot demolitions) or has malfunctioned in some manner, disposal of malfunctioned explosive ordnance.’
    • ‘The refortified walls were often the ancient structures (sometimes, indeed, pre-Augustan); but if these were either absent or totally unserviceable, new walls might be built from scratch.’
    • ‘The DC - 7BF has an unserviceable no.3 engine and hasn't flown for a while, but the DC - 6A flies regularly.’
    • ‘Sighs of gratitude have been heard all over Comoro Airfield for Maintenance's ability to fix unserviceable vehicles, repair worn out air-conditioners and extend the life of the Mess tent fridge.’
    • ‘From January 1 all Permanent Air Force personnel entitled to wear Combined Working Dress will be able to exchange one set each year when the uniforms become unserviceable.’
    • ‘Your Honours will see that Pilot McNamara was informed by the deceased ‘that the fuel gauge was unserviceable, that the sender unit was at fault and that one was on order’.’
    • ‘Danzig fielded questions on topics ranging from the possibility of exchanging unserviceable utility uniforms for infantrymen to the size of meal portions at the mess halls.’
    • ‘With that the speaker held up what was obviously an unserviceable safety harness for everyone to see and proceeded to deliver a five-minute talk on the proper care and use of the equipment.’
    • ‘Under current policy, compensation for damaged / unserviceable furniture is to the amount that would allow the purchase of a similar item of the same age and condition.’
    • ‘As a result, the culverts may undergo excessive deformation or failure rendering the culverts unserviceable.’
    • ‘If raids were suspended for 48 hours and the unserviceable planes were all serviced, this would increase the figure to 500.’
    • ‘Under the program, items are either verified as unserviceable or are repaired and returned to service.’
    • ‘Aircraft were fragile; by breaking a small part, a whole machine might be rendered unserviceable.’
    • ‘They also want the immediate replacement of unserviceable locomotive engines.’
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