Definition of unshadowed in English:



  • Not covered or darkened by a shadow or shadows.

    ‘square, unshadowed two-storey houses’
    ‘her eyes, unshadowed, intelligent, were unmoving on his’
    • ‘So far, I have been going in and out of the Waldorf, where the Forum is being held, unshadowed by a single demonstrator.’
    • ‘I was nine years old, the perfect age, I now think, for being able to appreciate what was happening - to have some (however limited) technical understanding of it and yet be unshadowed by the terrors of adolescence.’
    • ‘Alone in an immense, perfectly flat valley backing onto Mount Cook National Park, I played fugitive, spending my days stalking the brown trout that floated dead-center in the streams, arrogant and regal, unshadowed by man.’
    • ‘The fragrance that came to each was like a memory of dewy mornings of unshadowed sun in some land of which the fair world in Spring is itself but a fleeting memory.’
    • ‘They were strolling along, chatting happily to each other, smiling and occasionally looking around with interest, their faces unshadowed by the catastrophe of the preceding two hours and unconscious of the challenges that lie ahead.’
    • ‘They look up at the sky and catch a glimpse of the unshadowed waning moon.’
    • ‘The unshadowed road itself, so flat and colourless in the heat of day, loses substance even as we look.’
    • ‘This portion of the road is straight, and mostly unshadowed.’