Definition of unshed in English:



  • (of tears) welling in a person's eyes but not falling on their cheeks.

    ‘her eyes were bright with unshed tears’
    • ‘Leaning in, she planted a light kiss on his cheek, smiling through unshed tears.’
    • ‘Her eyes were brimming with unshed tears threatening to fall down her pale and fragile face.’
    • ‘My eyes burned with unshed tears but I refused to let them fall.’
    • ‘My eyes were shining with unshed tears that were threatening to fall.’
    • ‘Hurt flashed in her eyes, as they filled with unshed tears.’
    • ‘She looked at him, her green eyes shining with unshed tears.’
    • ‘But now I remember the way his eyes would glaze over with unshed tears, and the goofy smile that would dance across his face.’
    • ‘Out in the passage, she looked up, eyes red with unshed tears.’
    • ‘I scrambled to my feet, my eyes moist with unshed tears, and I ran.’
    • ‘My hard breathing was the only noise I could hear and when I looked up, my eyes brimming with frightened unshed tears, he was gone.’
    • ‘Now, he finally does look at me again, and despite everything, I'm surprised to see his eyes bright with unshed tears.’
    • ‘The girl nodded that she did, unshed tears bright in her eyes.’
    • ‘She felt her eyes stinging with unshed tears, her face burning.’
    • ‘His eyes were fixed on the grave, glistening with unshed tears.’
    • ‘Andy looked up from her hands, her eyes wet with unshed tears.’
    • ‘Joe looked at his older brother with unshed tears in his eyes.’
    • ‘‘I wish I could be like you,’ she croaked, her eyes half-closed with unshed tears.’
    • ‘We sat on the bed together, sifting through the memoirs, and when I looked up at her, her eyes were shining with unshed tears.’
    • ‘Her eyes misted with unshed tears as she looked at her sister.’
    • ‘I glanced up at her, my eyes now bright with unshed tears.’



/ˌənˈSHed/ /ˌənˈʃɛd/