Definition of unshowy in English:



  • Not showy in appearance or style; restrained or understated.

    ‘a natural, unshowy performer with a tremendous singing voice’
    • ‘she writes about her parents with deep, unshowy affection’
    • ‘The subtle pervasive sheen, which caresses similar unshowy utensils, differs little in the two pictures.’
    • ‘Bacon plays all the pieces with a rather understated, unshowy technique, where the music is always of prime importance.’
    • ‘He writes in serviceable, unshowy prose, whose effect is cumulative.’
    • ‘Being a natural, unshowy performer with a tremendous singing voice, she shifts all the more convincingly from lowly sibling to elegant diva.’
    • ‘It also gets a really first-rate, unshowy production from Rapture.’
    • ‘But in the flesh, trim and handsome, she seems wilfully unshowy and, well, frightfully nice.’
    • ‘The luminescence of Nia's distinctive voice remains undiminished and her own compositions are unshowy yet lovely.’
    • ‘Pleasant yet unexceptional in appearance, he had a breezy, all-American manner and an intimate, unshowy voice.’
    • ‘They were very unshowy people, they did a job, got on with their lives, enjoyed their lives - it's very sad. "’
    • ‘Morrissey is magnificent at portraying this kind of soulful Everyman, and his unshowy performance chimes well with Ashfield's dreamy yet determined maternalism.’
    • ‘His cooking is unshowy, unfashionable, unchanging.’
    • ‘Those attacks brought a largely unwelcome spotlight on Prince Nayef, seen as an unshowy, tough but efficient conservative within the ruling Saudi royal family.’
    • ‘Director Zhang-Ke's style, though, is relentlessly unshowy, deadpan and undramatic: everyday life is worthy of time and consideration.’
    • ‘From inside his pleasant but unshowy house in the Northamptonshire town of Wellingborough, Ebdon opens his electronic gates.’
    • ‘After his two ventures into the supernatural, M Night Shyamalan switches to extraterrestrials in a quiet, unshowy film that builds up a real head of suspense.’
    • ‘Auberbach's direction is assured, if unshowy, throughout.’
    • ‘Unostentatious and unshowy, their simplicity belies their deep resonance.’
    • ‘Picardie writes about her parents with deep, unshowy affection and a certain reticence - entirely appropriate, and a pleasant novelty in these days of compulsory gut-spilling.’
    • ‘Director Gore Verbinski does an efficient, unshowy job of laying out the story and giving Depp and Geoffrey Rush room to chew the scenery.’
    • ‘An unshowy mastery of empathetic guitar-lines lends depth and variety to the rawness: shattering echoes, sinister decayed sputterings, plaintive refrains.’



/ənˈSHōi/ /ənˈʃoʊɪ/