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  • Not having or requiring special skill or training.

    ‘unskilled manual workers’
    • ‘Why push for a training program when even unskilled workers are getting jobs?’
    • ‘We are likely to need the services of these people, whom we term unskilled and yet whose skills are in reality priceless, for some time to come.’
    • ‘In the twentieth century the proportion of people who work at unskilled manual production jobs has steadily fallen.’
    • ‘Apart from extensive and expensive capital expenditure, plenty of labour was required, skilled and unskilled.’
    • ‘Children of unskilled manual workers are twice as likely to have serious illnesses as the children of barristers.’
    • ‘Being an employment intensive sector, this will create new jobs for skilled and unskilled labourers.’
    • ‘The next decades saw the widespread organisation into general unions of low-paid and unskilled workers.’
    • ‘There are also around one million Syrian workers in Lebanon - mainly in unskilled, low paid jobs.’
    • ‘On arrival, he found himself in a labour camp, being forced to do menial and unskilled work.’
    • ‘Both men and women work in skilled jobs; most unskilled workers are men.’
    • ‘Then I got a job: as an unskilled labourer-cum-cleaner on a supermarket being built on the outskirts.’
    • ‘The basic wage was for unskilled workers, and additional payments were specified for occupational skills.’
    • ‘The financial success was achieved, however, on the back of a tottering pyramid of contract labour, often unskilled.’
    • ‘In ordinary construction, wages for skilled and unskilled workers are more or less standard.’
    • ‘Why can't the Government look at bringing in unskilled labour for areas like this?’
    • ‘Reily's informants were unskilled labourers, employed in low-status, poorly paid, menial jobs.’
    • ‘They're doing a job that's unskilled while under the constant threat of deportation.’
    • ‘The government is confining its own people to unskilled low-paying jobs.’
    • ‘Those that are employed are in unskilled jobs in this mining district.’
    • ‘No matter how unskilled some job seekers may seem there is always a placement opportunity if you look hard enough.’
    untrained, unqualified, untaught, unschooled, underskilled
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/ˌənˈskild/ /ˌənˈskɪld/