Definition of unskillful in English:


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(mainly British unskilful)
  • Not having or showing skill.

    ‘though kind and willing, she was unskillful’
    • ‘In any art the specialist, even if he is unskillful, is always superior to the most talented amateur.’
    • ‘Present government has a unskillful and clumsy economic policy.’
    • ‘It occurs to me that this may be, at least in part, because they are unusually unskillful and unsceptical users of the medium.’
    • ‘We realize that we have at some point done something or said something unskillful that caused pain, and we feel the pain of that recognition.’
    • ‘A skilful player usually takes a free off the ground with his instep but the unskilful player who has to resort to the toe can be nicknamed ‘booter‘.’
    • ‘By 1702, Robert Quary could report that the militia is ‘so undisciplined and unskillful and in such great Want of arms and ammunition proper and fit for action, that not one fourth of the militia is fit to oppose an Enemy.’’
    • ‘To me, he's rusty, he's unskillful right now, his shot is off.’
    • ‘‘Like a mine worked by unskillful hands’: this reminds us that Humboldt got his start in mining and that, for all his enlightenment, the darkness of the mine never quite left him.’
    • ‘Looking at a gold hair piece with sparkling gems embedded in it, Yu-Min asked the owner in her unskillful English how much it cost. $38 even.’
    • ‘After all, I was quite… unskillful when I gave you that smack on the mouth.’
    • ‘Now, because he was her client, she tried to look at his unskillful behavior, and the ways he shut himself off, with compassion instead of contempt and fear.’
    • ‘Now, because he was her client, she tried to look with compassion instead of disdain or repugnance at his unskillful behavior and all the ways he shut himself off.’
    • ‘The defilements lead to unskillful actions, which generate karma, the infallible operation of cause and effect in the mental continuum of each individual.’
    • ‘In Buddhist terms, this technique is essentially the replacement of unskillful thoughts with skillful thoughts.’
    • ‘I'm sorry if I never read you this precious and unskillful little book.’
    • ‘This system worked pretty well, but it all felt shallow and rather unskillful.’
    • ‘After all, while it's his fault that he's a bit slow, unskilful etc.’
    • ‘The novice may produce a great deal of power, but because they are relatively unskilful, the power output is misdirected with lots of thrashing about but slow forward velocity.’
    • ‘Children's works are very rudimentary ’, he said, ‘because children are very unskilful, and because their little minds are very restricted.’
    • ‘But they were surprised how unskilful the dogfox appeared to be in finding the scraps.’
    inexpert, incompetent, inept, unskilled, clumsy, awkward, maladroit, unhandy, amateur, amateurish, unprofessional, inexperienced, untrained, unpractised, crude, rude, unsophisticated, gauche, fumbling, bungling, blundering, botching



/ˌənˈskilfəl/ /ˌənˈskɪlfəl/