Definition of unsnarl in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Disentangle; sort out.

    ‘he helped her unsnarl her muddled views’
    • ‘Hmmm… Posting this post unsnarled the problem.’
    • ‘I personally am proud of the way our nation is putting itself on the line in an attempt to unsnarl a part of the world that has been a source of so much heartache for people all over the globe, for so many years.’
    • ‘Sometimes, no amount of pulling or twisting unsnarls the coils.’
    • ‘‘Normally this comb is unused,’ he said, still unsnarling a particular knot, ‘but today I ran out of gel so I was forced to use manual tactics.’’
    • ‘‘Listen,’ she said, when he was finally unsnarled, ‘I've got some news.’’
    • ‘I retrace the history that led people to see human nature as a dangerous idea, and I try to unsnarl the moral and political rat's nests that have entangled the idea along the way.’
    • ‘Perhaps some day soon the Office of the Special Counsel will help unsnarl this baffling morass.’
    • ‘They will also require tools to unsnarl their hair; a pick and a vented hair brush work very well.’
    • ‘Go up in a bo's'n's chair in these conditions and try to unsnarl the mess.’
    • ‘With the line now unsnarled, I suggest we switch places - I'll pole for a while, Hiaasen can fish.’
    • ‘‘The structural problems I set for myself in writing, in a long, snarled, frustrating and sometimes despairing morning of work,’ she says, ‘I can usually unsnarl by running in the afternoon.’’
    • ‘While we sat there, I came up with all sorts of reform ideas for unsnarling traffic on the bridges.’
    put right, set right, sort out, iron out, clear up, settle, resolve, find a solution to, put in order, tidy up, regulate, regularize, rectify, repair, remedy



/ˌənˈsnärl/ /ˌənˈsnɑrl/