Definition of unsoftened in English:



  • 1Not made soft or softer in texture.

    ‘unsoftened butter’
    • ‘Are you using softened or unsoftened butter?’
    • ‘In the past when I have made cheesecake batter where there are some lumps of unsoftened cream cheese they never seem to go away.’
    • ‘When I got this pup, I was specifically told that he eats dry, unsoftened kibbles.’
    • ‘It is an easily usable glue intended for bonding the parts made of the unsoftened PVC.’
    • ‘Even if there is a thin layer of unsoftened cheese in the centre, if it's made by this traditional method, it will still have all that flavour and aroma.’
  • 2Not made less stark or severe.

    ‘the shade of red is bold, unsoftened by blues or oranges’
    • ‘big face-to-face meetings, unsoftened by food and music’
    • ‘She is Version 2.0 of the old-school, a little more gussied-up and pop photogenic than their aesthetic forebears perhaps, but still possessing the unsoftened grit and untouched toughness.’
    • ‘To possess the intellect, the hopes, the ambitions of a man, unsoftened by any feminine attribute: this was the tragedy.’
    • ‘Unsoftened by the polished silver of the mirror, her face looked tired.’
    • ‘His Scouse accent is resolutely unsoftened by regular contact with vicars and other representatives of the lecturing classes.’
    • ‘Not helping is his unsoftened South African accent, which makes much of his dialog very difficult to decipher.’
    • ‘In this environment, unsoftened by so much as a cushion or a curtain, his amplified rock soundtrack echoes and re-echoes.’
  • 3(of water) not having had mineral salts removed.

    ‘use unsoftened water for drinking and cooking’
    • ‘You may want to consider installing a separate faucet for unsoftened water for drinking and cooking.’
    • ‘Since water softeners may be a hidden source of sodium, use unsoftened water for drinking and cooking.’
    • ‘Will water-softened water make grass dry sooner then unsoftened water?’
    • ‘Testing electric water heaters over an equivalent 15 months of service found 64 times more scaling on unsoftened water than softened water.’
    • ‘I would perform a simple taste test on the unsoftened tap water and assess if it tastes good.’



/ˌənˈsôfənd/ /ˌənˈsɔfənd/