Definition of unsought in English:



  • Not searched for, requested, or desired.

    ‘an unsought pregnancy’
    • ‘More often, however, the spread of Italian music was haphazard, depending on chance meetings and unsought opportunities.’
    • ‘Though dementia may seem to be an attack on the self, it has brought to Peter an unsought and unexpected discovery of self.’
    • ‘Unexpected and unsought, the sensation of awe has aroused fear as well as fascination among viewers.’
    • ‘He has mastered the Doc's interview technique of using non-stop verbals to shut out any unsought queries and exhausting air time (as well as the patience of the viewer) with the hogging technique.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the FAI's unsought offer of assistance does emphasise that the stakes are rising as the deadline beckons for the candidates to spell out their intentions.’
    • ‘Normally, I put such unsought correspondence in the bin, but this envelope contained two letters from Hearts FC to the Scottish Football Association.’
    • ‘Love sought is good, but given unsought is better (Shakespeare).’
    • ‘Of such doomed, utterly unsought tasks great writing is made.’
    • ‘A cynic could argue, indeed, that Hibs have achieved certain economies with this latest piece of unsought business.’
    • ‘Pain, grief, imprisonment and even tawdry death have been just a few of the unsought remunerations accorded to them.’
    • ‘I don't know about you, but sometimes I tire of being a consumer and all the spending this unsought role involves.’
    • ‘And, given the product-hawking that barrages my every waking hour - ads on TV, on the sides of bus stops, etc. - a few unsought e-mails should hardly make me bat an eye.’
    • ‘Entailed in that question is whether change will serve to advance a social revolution unsought and unwanted by the American people or will serve to secure an institution essential to the well-being of our society.’
    • ‘Consumer goods are those that are purchased to satisfy individual or household needs and can be classified into the following: convenience, shopping, speciality, and unsought.’
    • ‘She hopes that the unsought exposure will help in the campaign to stop the physical, social and spiritual destruction she sees at Kowanyama from alcohol and hopelessness.’
    • ‘Even though we may find ourselves unaccountably happy in unsought moments, still we may not be able to find meaningful work, make those who love us happy, or keep our children safe.’
    • ‘Chatting in his airy office, he recalls feeling daunted by his unsought role as the station's gay adviser.’
    • ‘The images came to mind, unsought, and the intoxication took hold.’
    • ‘Grace is a blessing you do not deserve, and though you may seek for grace, it comes, if it comes at all, unsought.’
    unexpected, unforeseen, unanticipated, not bargained for, unhoped-for, unsought, undreamed of, unpredicted