Definition of unsourced in English:



  • (of information) not having or attributed to a known source or origin.

    ‘an unsourced story in an Italian newspaper’
    • ‘The use of such unsourced, eye-catching anecdotes is rare.’
    • ‘Kavanagh is unlikely to go for an unsourced punt on a story like this.’
    • ‘That last - completely unsourced - sentence is particularly interesting.’
    • ‘Mr Bird declared, " This is the same document that Observer Radio has now made into an unsourced claim.’
    • ‘Hadgkiss illustrates every page of his document with unsourced quotes designed to damage the reputation of trade unionists.’
    • ‘It appears that it may have originated in an unsourced, wholly imaginary Wikipedia entry.’
    • ‘But we should be careful about what we do with unsourced news, especially when it confirms our biases.’
    • ‘But mayor Costa pointed out that Ammerman's study used unspecified and unsourced projections for global warming.’
    • ‘Many of the entries consist solely of unsourced extracts from various news reports with no attempt to excise opinion from fact.’
    • ‘Contrary to the sense of chaos and violence offered in unsourced Twitter feeds, Iranian protests have been largely peaceful’
    • ‘In relation to Infliction and intelligence material generally Mr. McGrory said it was unreliable, unchecked and unsourced.’
    • ‘The unsourced report was on the Arabic-language channel al-Alam and contained a mix of old and previously unseen footage of the captives.’
    • ‘They are now printing unsubstantiated, unsourced innuendo and passing it off as noteworthy.’
    • ‘The book was almost entirely unsourced.’
    • ‘How about this for an unsourced, unsubstantiated smear.’
    • ‘This unsourced accusation, which probably originates in the expatriate Iranian community, strikes me as completely implausible.’
    • ‘They resort to dubious methods of shaping public opinion by planting unsourced stories in the media, which are not only unverified, but also unverifiable.’
    • ‘The most bileful piece appeared in the Evening Standard, a London tabloid, which fired one unsourced criticism at Smith after another.’
    • ‘The article was unsourced and unconfirmed.’



/ˌənˈsôrst/ /ˌənˈsɔrst/