Definition of unspecific in English:



  • Not specific; vague.

    ‘he was unspecific about his relationship with Marian’
    • ‘Label packs as, ‘full of goodness’, ‘wholesome’ or ‘nutritious’ - terms which are vague and unspecific.’
    • ‘Secondly, make allowance for the fact that memory obviously fades, memories on all sides fade over a period of 20 years and as a result evidence about certain aspects of the case may be vague and may be unspecific.’
    • ‘These three predictions are - in turn - highly likely, possible but unspecific, and rather vague - to put it kindly.’
    • ‘Professional advisers say successful people are often vague and unspecific when asked what their objectives are.’
    • ‘The reasons for these unspecific effects remain unclear.’
    • ‘Then annually, AMC conducts an annual fixed buy for specific requirements and an expansion buy for anticipated but unspecific requirements.’
    • ‘In theory, he said while these were a good idea, there were ‘reservations’ among the committee about the nature of the waste involved and the company had consistently been very unspecific.’
    • ‘Treasury, for example, gives the names of various people described as ‘managers’ - as unspecific and meaningless a title as can be imagined.’
    • ‘The school ‘death threats’, some left for individual pupils named in the letters, and others aimed at unspecific pupils, ended before the culprit could be caught.’
    • ‘In service of these unspecific fears, we would be denying ourselves the fruits of scientific breakthroughs that have already occurred or are much more imminent.’
    • ‘Angst - an acute but unspecific feeling of anxiety; usually reserved for philosophical anxiety about the world or about personal freedom’
    • ‘These may be unspecific longings for more freedom in our lives, to find a spiritual pathway that will lead us away from this bizarre and confusing life we are forced to live, to be more understanding or more understood.’
    • ‘We've been told that there were bomb threats, unspecific threats made this morning by telephone to the governor's office, apparently.’
    • ‘How could they endorse the idea that love and intimacy should be postponed - not until an unspecific age of maturity has been reached but until marriage, regardless of when it happens?’
    • ‘The GAO last month criticized the draft as too unspecific.’
    • ‘It was just a general, unspecific blanket condemnation of that sort of thing, you know, to keep up appearances.’
    • ‘The rest remains unspecific and therefore solutions are hard to come by.’
    • ‘One of the salient characteristics of the book is that it is unspecific about the exploitation it seeks to fight against.’
    • ‘The narrative structure of the book is intentionally unspecific and jumbled.’
    • ‘The architects have responded by creating a wonderful suite of fine rooms of varying scale and size, unspecific in their function, divided by double-glazed doors that recess into adjacent walls when open.’
    vague, indefinite, unspecific, unclear, obscure, nebulous, indistinct, some kind of



/ˌənspəˈsifik/ /ˌənspəˈsɪfɪk/