Definition of unsprayed in English:



  • Not having been sprayed, especially with pesticides or other chemicals.

    ‘unsprayed organically grown fruit’
    • ‘The sprayed orchards showed a significantly lower insect infestation and fruit damage compared to unsprayed orchards.’
    • ‘In many unsprayed fields the weeds had outgrown the wheat.’
    • ‘In New England, apples on about 95 percent of unsprayed trees are typically damaged by apple maggots.’
    • ‘Overall, waxwings showed no preference for sprayed or unsprayed fruits.’
    • ‘In a 5-cm-diameter dish, we placed a randomly chosen, sprayed I. rotunda fruit beside a randomly chosen, unsprayed I. rotunda fruit.’
    • ‘Always use organic unsprayed citrus fruits, especially if you are going to use the peel.’
    • ‘The contrast between the agricultural husbandry on this field and the presumably unsprayed neighbouring fields with horses is now especially marked.’
    • ‘Use unsprayed dandelion blossoms for tea or wine, leaves for salad and roasted roots as a snack or coffee substitute.’
    • ‘The sample from the wild population consisted of pupae that were collected from Crete at the end of the summer from unsprayed olives.’
    • ‘And in Africa indeed there are major problems of throat and stomach cancer, which come simply from people eating badly stored, mouldy, unsprayed food.’
    • ‘First, ensure that the flowers are unsprayed, then carefully expel any wildlife by giving them a good shake or a wipe with kitchen paper - only rinse if absolutely necessary.’
    • ‘These treatments were compared to an unsprayed control and a control treatment where the formulation was applied directly on the ground within the plots.’
    • ‘The grass was well-cut; the walls were unsprayed and retained their mosses, ferns etc.’
    • ‘Decorate this with clean, unsprayed rose petals for dramatic effect.’



/ˌənˈsprād/ /ˌənˈspreɪd/