Definition of unstained in English:



  • Not stained.

    ‘The cell walls of the interior tissues did stain with a particularly abrupt transition from unstained to stained just behind the root cap and at the outer cortex, but nowhere were nuclei seen to stain.’
    • ‘The samples were examined unstained and stained, using low and high power magnifications.’
    • ‘Stained pollen grains (white arrow) are viable, unstained grains (black arrows) are not.’
    • ‘Stained tissues were considered viable, and unstained white tissues were considered dead.’
    • ‘In contrast to the pure, unstained ivory of Alexis, the Countess had chosen a royal purple gown, low-cut to emphasize the garnet-and-diamond pendant on her small chest.’
    • ‘She called out, rolling up the gold-hemmed sleeves of her robe as she continued to search for a mug that was still relatively unstained and clean.’
    • ‘The rocks seemed clean and unstained in their perfect smoothness, caressing her hands as she placed them down on the ground in the very front of the yard.’
    • ‘After being treated with this sizing, the warp can be dyed to any depth of color while the filling remains white and unstained.’
    • ‘The unstained white sari is also Rajam Krishnan's message of not giving into oppression and injustice of any kind as a person and as a writer.’
    • ‘However, roots from 14-d-old plants were stained preferentially in the vascular tissues, whilst the ground tissue and root cap remained unstained.’
    • ‘Very handsome, the upper cabinets faced in canary-yellow laminate, the lower with lacquered, unstained apple-ply.’
    • ‘Anna shared Beta's skill in avoiding puddles, her dress remaining remarkably unstained, which was not a good fortune shared by my dirt-splattered trousers.’
    • ‘Cell walls and starch stained a bright reddish pink, while other elements of the cells remained unstained.’
    • ‘All other parts of the wall remained unstained.’
    • ‘Under these conditions all nuclei should be unstained.’
    • ‘Seeds were cleared and compared with unstained seeds using a dissecting scope.’
    • ‘‘Well I have this phobia… ‘I muttered as I took off my glasses and found the one unstained spot on the bib to clean them.’
    • ‘The floor was made of unstained, but smooth, bare wood, freshly scrubbed and laid out around a circular room decorated with two simple wooded chairs and a table.’
    • ‘It must have being polished regularly as the blade was completely unstained.’
    • ‘But despite the grisly nature of the action, our eyes are drawn to details in the room - the flower prints on the wall, the clock on the mantel frozen at 5: 00 and the floral pattern on a carpet unstained by blood.’
    washed, scrubbed, cleansed, cleaned, polished



/ˌənˈstānd/ /ˌənˈsteɪnd/