Definition of unstayed in English:



  • (especially of masts and rigging) not provided with stays; unsupported.

    ‘The Freedom 20, built by Catalina Yachts, features the unique Freedom unstayed mast system.’
    • ‘However, an unstayed mast must be of significantly larger diameter to compensate for the lack of stays.’
    • ‘This unstayed mast, combined with a balestron, is redefining the ease of operation of a sailing ship.’
    • ‘If you build a cat with an unstayed mast it would be very impractical to put it in the middle.’
    • ‘The main mast is 18 feet, 4 inches unstayed and the jib mast is 10 feet, 4 inches unstayed.’
    • ‘But with an unstayed main mast and a retractable or fold up bowsprit my usual objections to them are overcome.’
    • ‘Far from it, unstayed masts are just one end of the mast spectrum.’
    • ‘The carbon fibre unstayed masts have aluminium wishbone booms which when set are angled down, needing no kicking strap.’
    • ‘They just make sense to him, and some of the most knowledgeable sailors in his area have been converted to Wylie-designed performance hulls with unstayed cat rigs and wishbone booms.’
    • ‘This cruising sloop features an unstayed gaff rig for simplicity.’



/ˌənˈstād/ /ˌənˈsteɪd/