Definition of unstick in English:


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verbverb unsticks, verb unsticking, unstuck/ˌənˈstək/

  • 1with object Cause to become no longer stuck together.

    • ‘I slowly began to try and unstick my eyes’
    make slack, slacken, slack, unstick
  • 2Aeronautics
    no object (of an aircraft) leave the ground when taking off.

    • ‘when she unstuck from the water we went away low’



/ˌənˈstik/ /ˌənˈstɪk/


  • The moment at which an aircraft leaves the ground when taking off.

    • ‘hold the wing level until unstick’



/ˈənˌstik/ /ˈənˌstɪk/


    come unstuck
    • 1Become separated or unfastened.

      ‘one of her eyelashes had come unstuck’
      • ‘Unfortunately as attempts were made to haul the longboat off the rocks a rope came unstuck and struck one of the Islanders, almost severing their right elbow.’
    • 2 informal Fail completely.

      • ‘all their clever ideas came unstuck’
      • ‘As an attacking golfer, he can come unstuck when he fails to play it safe.’
      • ‘Anyone in any doubt about the importance of a good business plan should watch BBC2's Dragons' Den to get an idea of how a budding entrepreneur can come unstuck without one.’
      • ‘They failed to convince against unfancied Ireland and Wales, before coming unstuck against England and South Africa and finally slumping to a record defeat to old rivals New Zealand.’
      • ‘Sadly he failed to continue that form for long, coming unstuck in the ensuing round.’
      • ‘We will come unstuck because we are not generating wealth to rival public investment.’