Definition of unstoppably in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See unstoppable

‘Then it was part of the smooth surge, pumping rhythmically through the interlacing curves of the vascular complex, flowing through steadily widening channels, headed swiftly and unstoppably for the brain.’
  • ‘For as the American-led Coalition Provisional Authority accelerates, apparently unstoppably, towards a handover of sovereignty in Iraq to a transitional government next summer, a critical question is emerging.’
  • ‘It is often said to portray the German tanks rolling unstoppably into the city; but by this time Shostakovich was communicating covertly in his music with those who were really listening, and it is more than just that.’
  • ‘Yet staffing levels are by far its biggest single cost, amounting to about 90 per cent of its entire £157 million net budget and increasing unstoppably every year.’
  • ‘Flames leapt unstoppably west across Frederick Street and consumed buildings all the way to Trinity Cathedral where, happily, only some turrets suffered scorching.’