Definition of unsugared in English:



  • Not sweetened or sprinkled with sugar.

    ‘Joel had just finished an entire carafe of unsugared espresso when he was told of what happened.’
    • ‘Every soft drink vending machine in japan also sells unsugared cold green tea by the bottle.’
    • ‘If kept refrigerated at all times the unsugared cherries will be good for 4 days.’
    • ‘Breakfast is usually unsugared shredded wheat with Rice Dream or I'll make an omelet with Eggbeaters, chopped scallions, mushrooms, and celery.’
    • ‘At least a quart of water or other unsugared drinks are recommended.’
    • ‘Remove the damp tea towel from the cake and spread the jam over the unsugared side.’
    • ‘Applesauce isn't too bad if you get the unsugared kind and watch your serving size.’
    • ‘But Disney's kingdoms also promise pure juice, water, and real fruits and vegetables - unsugared, unreconstituted, undoctored.’
    • ‘Nutritional objectives should involve: encouraging selection of foods from all food groups; drinking plenty of water; maintaining ideal body weight; encouraging the use of low-fat dairy products; encouraging the consumption of unsugared fruit juices; teaching a greater variety of preparation styles; and introducing a greater variety of vegetables.’
    • ‘Advice in these countries is often that young children should avoid drinking tea with meals - if so, unsugared tea with or without milk, would make a good, dentally safe, between meal drink for children.’
    • ‘For the test, he imbibed 250 ml of warm water or plain (unsugared) tea, after which fresh blood was drawn from his finger with an Autoclix mini-lancet and a pipette.’
    • ‘To protect and promote the common interests of the membership in all aspects of wine, in particular in wine auctions, and in a widening awareness of the members’ unsugared, natural wines.’



/ˌənˈSHo͝oɡərd/ /ˌənˈʃʊɡərd/