Definition of unsupportably in English:



See unsupportable

  • ‘I know that a contributive factor was occasioned by a King who, fighting an unpopular and protracted war, needed to raise revenue for his armies and was prepared to do the most unsupportably vile things to get it.’
  • ‘You being you would probably not see what an asinine and unsupportably stupid comment you have made.’
  • ‘This approach often finds us pitted between those opposed to regulation in any form and those arguing for what we would consider to be unsupportably onerous restrictions.’
  • ‘Often judges rule against my clients; and of those adverse rulings, sometimes the decision is just unsupportably wrong.’
  • ‘In support of the motion to dismiss, the secretary cites to a number of cases in which attorneys who had represented applicants before the secretary and who had asked the secretary to award attorney's fees to them for this representation unsuccessfully attempted to have the courts overturn what the attorneys’ believed were unsupportably low awards.’